How to soak away sports injuries

Sports are important for your physical and mental health.  When you enjoy sport you get plenty of exercise which is great for improving your heart, combating obesity and for personal strength.  Sports also helps combat depression since you get out of the house or office for fresh air and you are distracted from troubles.  You also make a lot of friends while you enjoy sports which are great for boosted self-confidence.  The only downside to sports is that you can easily injure yourself while you enjoy sports because you are spraining muscles and putting your body at risk of falling.  If you are recovering from a sports injury then you need to start looking into the benefits of soaking.

What soaking in warm water will do for you?

Soaking in warm water alleviates tension in your body. Through soaking you can soothe pain and reduce swelling.  You also heal a lot quicker because you are giving the injured parts of your body a good therapy session.

How to soak a sports injury

Soaking a wound or sports injury is super easy. All you need is a tub or bath, depending on where your sports injury is.  If your back has an injury then a full body soak is a must.  If your leg foot has an injury then a bucket is sufficient.  You can improve the quality of your soak by adding essential oils or Epsom salt. You should also get something to keep your mind busy while you soak so you relax and soak for longer without feeling rushed.

Soak with Epsom salt

Epsom salt is great for soaking sports injuries like a sprain or skin abrasions because the magnesium and sulfate withdraws toxins and metals from your body so you can heal much faster.  The Epsom salt also absorbs magnesium which allows your muscles to relax and alleviates tension and pain in joints and muscles.

Soak with essential oils

Soaking in different essential oils has different benefits.  Cedarwood oil will help cure Athlete’s Foot.  Cypress oil acts as a natural deodorant.  Juniper berry oil alleviates aches and pains in muscles and joints.  Lavender will relax you much more and will relieve pain.

How to soak away sports injuries

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