Learn To Be a Wild Thing by Taking a Minimalist Camp Trip

How many people do you know that claim that they are these tough wild beings by stocking up on the biggest 4 x 4 trucks, the baldest phones, and the wildest utility knives and more camping gear than you can fit into your garage?  How can they even claim their raw toughness if they rely on so many things to get by on camping trips?  If you want to learn to be a true wild thing then it is time to give minimalist camping a try.

Learn To Be a Wild Thing by Taking a Minimalist Camp Trip

What is minimalist camping?

Minimalist camping involves getting by with minimal gear.  You only take the essentials and you leave all the rest.  No special gear for added comfort, no extras, no luxuries.  This form of camping is actually great fun because you learn to enjoy nature, you find your inner rebel and you can be much more flexible since you aren’t hauling around a bunch of tools and gadgets that you probably won’t even use on your trip.

What you need for minimalist camping

You can only learn new skills by eliminating things that makes camping easy.  You should pack only essential items that you simply cannot get by without.  The rest stays.  You can click here to have a look at some of the best camping gear that is currently on the market. Here is what you will need for a wild camping trip;

Tent – Even the wildest of animals has a secure place to sleep.  A cabin tent is just what you need if you are looking for a way to be flexible and to get as close to nature as possible.  Check out some cabin tent reviews so you can find the best, strongest and most durable tents that are currently on the market.  You can have a look at one man tents or perhaps even consider some of the larger tents that can accommodate up to ten people comfortably.

Sleep sack – Sleeping on the ground is a bit tough and can cause your back to ache terribly. Your camping trip is for enjoyment, not for self-torture.  Get a good sleep sack and sleep soundly so you can be a wild thing during the day.

Lighting – You may be tough but scorpions are a lot tougher.  A good torch and a few solar lanterns will keep you safe from life threatening creatures like snakes and scorpions.

Food – If you are not planning on hunting or fishing then food should be on your list of things to take along.

Cook ware – Fire proof cookware such as a few pots and pans are required for cooking, unless you are ok with eating grasshoppers.

Backpack – A good backpack will keep all your stuff together while you travel from one camping spot to another.

Good shoes – The importance of good hiking shoes can never be over exerted.  If you cannot walk around in the field safely you might as well be back at home.

Hat – Take a hat along so you don’t look like a roasted hillbilly by the time you come home from your trip.

Water – Clean water is a must since rivers and ponds are often loaded with diseases and bacteria.