Exciting Shooting Sports

Ordinarily, when one thinks about sporting events, guns do not come to the top of the list. However, there are a number of exciting shooting sports. Once you understand how enjoyable these endeavors can be, we are certain you will want to try your hand at a few of them. Maybe you will even want to try them all!

There are three basic kinds of shooting sports. Those that are done with pistols, rifles, or shotguns. Which one you experiment with first will be based on your personal gun collection. If you are limited to an AR-15 with the best AR-15 scope, you will probably be best suited for the shotgun sports. But if you also own a 9mm, then feel free to try the pistol shooting games as well.

Exciting Shooting Sports

Pistol Shooting Sports

There are over 19 million Americans who participate in target shooting sports. When it comes to pistol based sports you will have three options:

  • Precision- This is probably the most popular recreational gun sport. It involves a target that can be as far as 50 meters or as close as 10 meters. The object is to hit the target, dead center, with only one hand holding the gun.
  • Action Shooting- This is a very exciting option as you must start the game with your gun in its holster. You are then required to see how fast you can hit the target or targets. Some of them will fall down, others will move, and some will have score ranges on them depending on where you compete.
  • Silhouette- Metallic silhouettes are placed on stands at varying distances. You are required to shoot them off their stands in order to earn points. Some think this is a grand scale setup at a gallery. Read more about silhouette shooting.

Shotgun Shooting Sports

Shotgun sports also come in three varieties. Remember that shotguns have some kick so make sure you are prepared to handle the gun before you get actively involved in the shotgun shooting sports listed here:

  • Skeet- This utilizes the same clay tiles as you will see in your trap shooting sports. However, in skeet there are two “houses,” one high and one low that throw the targets at fixed angles. The high houses are about 10 feet off the ground and targets go right from there. The low houses are only three feet off the ground and targets go left. This is a group game. Learn more about skeet.
  • Sporting Clays- You will get a variety of targets designed to replicate game bird flight patterns. You will get to shoot at clays that: cross, flush, and are even incoming. These are definitely outdoor games. They are established in natural settings with five or so stations that you move around to. The clays can be sent out in pairs, as singles, or even in groups. How fast can you shoot?
  • Trap- This is the oldest of the shotgun sports. The device, a trap, throws the clay tile into the air. The trap is able to swivel and rotate so that you will have the ability to shoot at tiles from different angles and going in different directions.

The other gun sports, those attached to rifles, won’t be delineated here. Instead, if you would like additional information about rifle shooting sports, click this.